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Status Update

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Chapter 29

Part I

Training grounds were fairly commonplace, especially in the capital city. Given that it is in this city where the main hall of the adventurer’s guild was located, there are many aspiring individuals that set their sights on it. Of course, one of those training grounds have been utilized in the past by by the hero that is already being given recognition by the kingdom. The queen herself was making sure to provide ample rewards and benefits, though that is for another story.

As of current, that same location was being used by the heroes of the empire in order to train and polish their coordination. Though one of them was using it to vent some steam, while the other three simply tolerated that behavior. Of course, the remaining one would find that justified instead.

“Hmph, just you wait. I’ll be the strongest hero.” (Bakahiko)

The world they came from was quite peaceful, relatively speaking. It was normal, as is the template for such things. Upon arrival in this world, if not for the blessings of the goddesses, they would not have been able to survive or fight as they are. Their bodies were capable of learning quickly and they gain higher stats compared to the normal residents of this world.

“You’re really not going to give up on that, huh?” (Satoru)
“Of course not! Did you see his party?” (Bakahiko)
“Won’t your girlfriend be jealous?” (Satoru)
“It’s fine since Ta-kun is the hero!” (Megumi)

Satoru was certain that it was going to be pointless trying to argue so he simply sighed and shook his head. While it was true that the two started to become a couple, their reasons vastly differed from each other. However, they were both drunk on the fantasy world. One deemed himself deserving of the hero role while the other clung to the idea of being with a hero.

“Still, I’d rather not make enemies with people that we should be working with.” (Satoru)

He muttered to himself. They had been training for a while so they were in the middle of a break. At least, four of them were. During this time, the party leader (self-declared) continued to train with sword swings. The other two females were going around the city, trying to get information. They should be back soon.

Part II

“You know, isn’t it about time you lighten up a bit?” (Fianna)
“Hm, huh? What? Oh, my apologies.” (Kiryuu)

We had already gathered to move to the room before the boss room. I was still a bit affected by what had transpired a while ago. I closed my eyes for a bit and took in a deep breath.

“You know, that was actually terrifying now that I think about it.” (Fianna)
“Really now? I thought that it was kind of normal for a man to react that way when some idiot starts claiming idiotic things such as—” (Kiryuu)

Oops. I got carried away from a bit. Vena had taken hold of my wrist and that prevented me from going off just then. Shino, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit lost in thought.

“No, I meant I just realize that we never really saw you being serious during the dungeon run. Thinking back, we were all fighting for our lives and you were going about so casually. And what you pulled off during the midboss room was hard to digest as well.” (Fianna)
“Well, about that—” (Kiryuu)
“Well, whatever. Common sense doesn’t apply to heroes chosen by the goddesses anyway.” (Fianna)
“Is that so? Well, I suppose that’s true…” (Kiryuu)

In the novels that I’ve read, well, a lot of the protagonists of these kinds of stories break common sense on a daily basis. Often it’s best to ignore common sense when it comes to dealing with those kinds of people. Well, I’m one of those people now as well so I’m not really sure how to feel.

After a while, we were finally back to the boss room. It was the same as before, just another huge cavern room with illumination from a mysterious source above. I wasn’t able to get a better look since Fel and I were in another dimension when we fought. Also, after that, I was enjoying the lap pillow (Shino) and hug pillow (Vena) combo so you could probably understand why my attention was elsewhere.

Further back though, hidden a bit by the stalagmites, was a metal double door.

“This would be where the dungeon master’s room would be. Hm?” (Dessa)
“Anything wrong?” (Kiryuu)
“It’s a little thing. Best not to mind it.” (Dessa)

Dessa was sniffing the air a bit. I thought that she was sensing something and I was ready to go into battle mode just in case. However, she had a smile on her face. I wonder what it was that she found out.

After opening the double doors, she turned to us and bowed her head slightly.

“As the vessel of the demon lord Asmodeus, I shall now provide the rewards for the adventurers that were able to conquer this dungeon.” (Dessa)

Part III

Going back to when it was ‘revealed’ that Fel and Dessa were vessels that had been rescued from the clutches of the demon lords. It was a discussion that took a while when we had returned. It was a discussion that transpired between the party leaders and the involved parties.

So it would be me, Fianna and Zefania to represent the parties. Dessa was also there but as the vessel of the demon lord Asmodeus. Fel, for Lucifer. Rionna-san, Raful and Hilde were there as well.

Since it was strange that it was Lucifer present in the boss room, I was first inquired how I came across Asmodeus and rescued her vessel.

First, it was then that it was revealed that Asmodeus was laying low in the city, using her vessel as a guise, while waiting for the revival of the GDO (Great Demon Overlord). Since my exploit with the greater demon was fairly known, the fact that the scent of blood on me was what drove Asmodeus to attacking checked out. Besides, that was the truth anyway.

Anyway, as for how we were able to convince them about the whole vessel thing, I owe that one to Rionna-san. She explained that during the attack, Asmodeus’ spells had backfired on her and I was able to subdue her without resorting to killing. Given that they knew Dessa’s specialty was buffs, debuffs and crowd control, that made sense. Also, despite looking like a hammer, her weapon is technically a staff. Or at least, she uses it that way. Though getting close to her is still dangerous as she has enough strength to swing that weapon with easr anyway.

Back to the vessel concept.

Rionna-san explained that due to that backfire, I ended up absorbing Asmodeus’ magic power. Because of it, the hold on her as a vessel was lifted. As a vessel, she has a fragment of Asmodeus’ power and her memories. However, her loyalty was towards me as her savior.

Fianna then brought up the issue with me gaining magic power. They already know that I have zero magic power, after all. Rionna-san said that after that incident was the case of me paying for the repairs to the inn. That incident has been called the Hero’s Honeymoon. Though, because of it, the popularity of the inn increased. They say that it was the place that the hero took his brides for consecutive honeymoons and is said to bring good fortune to couples.

It was so embarrassing that I ended up placing my palm to my face. Hilde turned a bright shade of red as she was teased by Rionna-san until she caved. It was Raful that got punched though. Fel had a dumbfounded look on her face while Dessa started to reminisce those timeshey, you’re drooling! You’re drooling!

Fianna was amused, it seems. However, Zefania had completely surpassed my action and had proceeded to hit her head on the table. I’m sorry. I’m not really a pure kind of guy and I have my own needs as well.

With that, it pretty much came to a close. The other party leaders were free to inform their members but were given caution as to who else they would spread this information to. They also understood why I had kept it a secret and that was something I apologized for.

Since it was a bit of a new development, it was an issue that needed to be dealt with quickly. Rionna-san said that the information is being passed to the queen already so we should find out in the future if there are certain actions that we would be asked to take.

That was the scenario, at least. Rionna-san was able to handle it well. I’m quite glad that she was there or else it would have been a pain to deal with. She’s probably getting aid from Maia. Maia wasn’t against the demon lords being my subordinates since it ‘wouldn’t be a surprise if that occurred anyway’. That woman really peeked through a lot of my memories, huh?

Part IV

“As for the rewards, I will craft each and every one of you a unique equipment. Since it would take time, I would have to limit it to accessories. I shall be placing enchantments to your liking, though only to the best of my abilities.” (Dessa)

That sort of announcement was something that got the others excited. After all, Dessa was certainly famous for being a very skilled blacksmith as her cover. I say cover but I recall that it was her forte anyway. She was a craftswoman that would not take in any apprentice despite many that would offer even a fortune. It was assumed that a specialized and uniquely accessory made by Dessa would be of a legendary grade. I am not yet sure how they rate equipment but I’m certain that the reward would be sufficient.

“Rest assured, Kiryuu-sama will be aiding me as well.” (Dessa)
“Wait… what?” (Kiryuu)

Ah, I said that out loud, didn’t I?

Part V

 Satoru had been tinkering with the status menu for a while now. In essence, they were given the ability to understand how the world works in a way that would be familiar to them. In this case, it was as if they were in a game. Though, it was also because the concept of transported and reincarnated heroes run deep in this world’s history. He had studied up on that. Meaning, not only would they not be the first heroes, they were in fact a common occurrence and thus dubbed the current generation of heroes. It was because of it that he couldn’t understand just how deluded his friend had become.

“We’re back.” (Saki)

Though they could not tour the entirety of the capital city, they tried their best to gain the necessary information that they could. In particular, information about the dungeon, the demon lords, and, of course, the hero that they had encountered. Despite the unwillingness of Takahiko to pause his training, it would seem that information about ‘this Kiryuu fellow’ was enough to persuade both him and Megumi to join in on the group discussion.

“It is as they say, the Forest of Blood was the result of his fight with a greater demon.” (Saki)
“A greater demon, huh?” (Satoru)
“We haven’t come across demons yet so we’re uncertain of its power. However, the greater demon was only summoned after they raided five orc camps and rescued prisoners.” (Saki)
“Five orc camps?” (Satoru)
“Yes. There were Magus class orcs as well.” (Miki)

Magus class orcs. Even they had encountered them during their hands-on training. Although they were being watched over by several of the Imperial soldiers, they fought against a group of orcs. The numbers weren’t an issue but the Magus class orcs were not only difficult to deal with but also needed to be dealt with quickly. They barely pulled it off.

“Wait, you said ‘were’ so there was more than one?” (Satoru)
“This is the part where it gets strange but everyone that were rescued and the guild itself confirmed its legitimacy.” (Miki)
“With only a party of two, Kiryuu and Shino infiltrated five orc camps and rescued all the remaining survivors. And from what we gathered…” (Saki)

It was quite an absurd story that Saki couldn’t help but pause. Of course, this made the others more curious and hold their breathe for a bit.

“From what we gathered, all of the orcs were eliminated all at the same time. It was after the deaths of the orcs that some sort of spell triggered and the greater demon was summoned.” (Miki)
“Impossible… no, if he truly was a summoned hero then that sort of thing should be no surprise.” (Satoru)
“Pft. I don’t believe it. I mean, if someone claims to be a hero then wouldn’t they be able to craft up stories for their own benefit?” (Bakahiko)
“Are you saying that if you were in that spot, you wouldn’t be able to do it?” (Satoru)
“Of course I can! I’m a hero” (Bakahiko)
“Then you just contradicted yourself, you idiot. If you’re a hero and you can do it, then it should not be impossible for another person that’s also a hero to accomplish the same.” (Satoru)
“That’s different. I’m the main hero of this story. That makes me—ugh!” (Bakahiko)

Suddenly, Takahiko felt a similar pressure that made him sick. The air suddenly felt cold and it was as if he was being suffocated.

“I’m telling you now, that if you can’t even stand my own killing intent then you don’t have a chance against that person.” (Saki)
“Sa-chan…” (Megumi)
“Oi, what was that for?” (Bakahiko)
“During that time when you gloriously wet the floor, I unconsciously shifted into a fighting mode. That included exerting this sort of murderous intent towards that hero, Kiryuu-san.” (Saki)
“I was ready to fight as well but we were stopped by Seiji-kun here. Though, I’m surprised you can exert that much killing intent, Saki.” (Miki)
“I am thankful for what Seiji-kun did, honestly. And I keep telling you that this isn’t a game or a fantasy story, remember? How can we face the Great Demon Overlord if we’d immediately collapse from simple pressure?” (Saki)
“So you agree with me that we could not win that fight?” (Satoru)
“One of the women in his party went into a fighting stance almost immediately. I thought that if we were to take a step forward, she would have cut us down in an instant.” (Saki)

Saki noticed it. When she and Miki had poised to strike, she felt a wave of murderous intent directed at her. Although it wasn’t from Kiryuu but from the black-haired woman in his party. She didn’t succumb to it as Takahiko had but she froze on the spot. It wasn’t Satoru’s actions that stopped her. No, it was her survival instinct telling her that if she took one step forward, her head would immediately bid her body farewell. She swore that she hallucinated being beheaded as if it were a foresight of what might have occurred then.

She also gathered information about the members of that party. Quite frankly, this was only the tip of the iceberg. This discussion would certainly continue for a while. But the person himself, Kiryuu, was still shrouded in mystery. Despite the confirmation of his achievements, there was little to no information on how he fights or what abilities he uses. The only thing she got was from the envoy of the goddess and from the slave trading house.

“That woman, Shino Tsubasa, is confirmed to be the war criminal that almost eliminated the entire royal family. She was sentenced to a lifetime of slavery but she was a troublesome person to handle. As of current, she is both slave to and a mistress to Kiryuu Himitsukami, one of the seven heroes of this generation.” (Saki)

From the expression on her face, Satoru felt as if there was more to come. He was bracing himself to hear more information about the people they interacted at the adventurer’s guild. Miki and Saki both heaved a sigh but that did not mark the end of the discussion. Indeed, it was just the tip of the icebeg. Quite frankly, both Miki and Saki were exhausted in trying to keep their wits about them when they heard such absurdities. Satoru lightly chuckled as a means of accepting defeat.

“Honestly… what an absurd name…” (Satoru)


“Achoo!” (Kiryuu)

Chapter 28 | Table of Contents

Chapter 28

[A/N: Erm, I should probably write who’s talking when there’s a conversation going on, I guess. ._.]

Part I

“Already? That’s… fast.” (Satoru)

Oh? It seems that the news had a bit more impact than I thought, especially to the mage boy, seeing as he said his thoughts out loud suddenly. Even the idiot warrior kid froze a bit. That aside, the cleric is still distracted but even the ninja girl and the archer girl are now looking at me.

“Since there was no direct relay from the Empire to the Kingdom, we had to stop in between teleportation locations.” (Satoru)

Since there exists the convenience of teleportation, there also came the risks of those being abused or used by the wrong people. As such, there are people employed to make sure that it doesn’t occur. Hence, some relays would be guarded heavily, especially at the borders. Also, you either need a permit from the head of the village where you’re coming from. In the case of those with adventurer ID’s, those are a necessity. Large troops have also been forbidden to use relays except in emergency situations.

It’s actually quite a complicated system that’s been polished to what it is now. I am quite impressed. Not only is it implemented in the Kingdom but to the neighboring countries as well.

“Since the news of the dungeons rebuilding themselves was fairly recent, we gave ourselves some leeway.” (Satoru)
“Wait, so why did you head for the this dungeon in particular?” (Kiryuu)
“Ah, it’s because we heard a hero was also here!” (Bakahiko)


Without warning, the mage boy had smacked the idiot warrior boy on the back of his head. The cleric girl gasped and slapped the mage boy’s shoulder.

“Ow! What was that for?” (Bakahiko)
“Sa-kun!” (cleric girl)
“Idiot, don’t cause misunderstandings!” (Satoru)

The mage boy heaved a sigh and bowed his head towards me for a bit.

“My apologies. This idiot couple is the reason why it’s exhausting to travel. Ah, yes, this girl is Megumi. The one beside her is Saki and the one behind me is Miki.” (Satoru)

The ninja girl just bowed but the archer girl doesn’t seem to like being addressed as such and flicked the mage boy on the back of his head. Though, that was promptly ignored despite the discomfort on his face.

“Pardon me, what we heard was news that there was an adventurer with great exploits. It was just inferred that quite possibly that the adventurer may be a hero.” (Satoru)
“Ah, well, that’s a more plausible scenario. I was about to ask how you would know when I’ve only been contacted by the Goddess Maia just recently.” (Kiryuu)
“I see. So you were not a summoned person?” (Satoru)
“Yes and no. It’s complicated. It would be good if we leave that for a more convenient time.” (Kiryuu)

At that point, someone had walked up beside me. Several other people had followed and it was a bit of a gathering of high ranked parties now. Though, the first person to have come forward was none other than Hilde.

“It’s fairly interesting that you were able to hold a conversation for this long with a male person.” (Hilde)
“Ho? You’re right, Hilde-sama. It is certainly rare for Kiryuu-sama to get along with males.” (Dessa)
“Oi, there’s—” (Kiryuu)
“Raful-san does not count, Kiryuu-kun.” (Vena)
“Vena-dono, that sounds as if Raful is not considered a man.” (Shino)

I… don’t get it. Why are you all exuding a dark aura when I was just talking to the mage boy? It couldn’t possibly be jealousy of all things, right? There are females in their group but in this template, wouldn’t they pair off with the other guys in the group?

“!” (Kiryuu)

Hilde had stomped on my foot and smiled at me. She then turned towards the hero party but did not say a word. Ah, I’m an idiot.

“Forgive my rudeness.” (Kiryuu)

Although that was mainly directed to the women that had gathered around me and not towards the hero party. However, I feel that this would end badly for me regardless of what I do or say it. Well, I’m just going to brace myself for this.

“T-then allow me to introduce them. Hilde here is the guild master of the adventurer’s guild. She’s quite reliable despite how she might look or act—” (Kiryuu)

This time I was elbowed.

“M-moving on. The other members of my party would be Vena, Dessa and Shino.” (Kiryuu)

Upon introductions, they would bow their heads a bit. Fianna leaned close to me and whispered something in my ear.

“Kiryuu-sama. Aren’t you forgetting something?” (Fianna)
“Hm? Am I?” (Kiryuu)
“Of course.” (Fianna)
“Do I have to introduce the others as well? I mean, we did make a raid group but I thought I should only introduce my own party.” (Kiryuu)
“Not that. I mean, you know…” (Fianna)
“Do I really have to?” (Kiryuu)

I think Hilde had enough of my suspicious whispering with Fianna and elbowed me once more. I had to take in a deep breath. Certainly the hero party was looking at me strangely, in fact the ninja girl might be glaring at me for a while now.

“It may come as a surprise but these four are, in fact, my wives.” (Kiryuu)

I felt piercing stares all over. H-hey… even Ruki and Iris. No, the entire party I had been with. In fact, aside my party, Hilde and Fianna, everyone else was glaring at me. Rionna-san and Raful were having the time of their lives. Actually, the idiot warrior boy who was just keeping silent was suddenly making a surprised face. Before long, he uttered words that made me want to hurl him into a black hole.

“Eh? That’s not right, is it? I’m supposed to be main hero. Shouldn’t I be the one ending up marrying them?” (Bakahiko)

Part II

“Oi… what nonsense are you talking about?” (Satoru)
“I mean, in scenarios like this, I’m obviously the main character, right?” (Bakahiko)
“Nonsense. This is different from the stories you’ve been reading.” (Satoru)
“Even the goddesses told us that we are chosen ones, right?” (Bakahiko)
“Oi, you guys, help me out here…” (Satoru)
“Ah~ I don’t mind as long as I’m the legal wife~ Mi-chan, Sa-chan, you can be Ta-kun’s partners too~” (Megumi)
“That’s stupid.” (Miki)
“I’ve got more important things to do.” (Saki)

As I thought, this cleric girl is head over heels. But to think they were this delusional. I thought the idiot warrior boy was just being eccentric but does he actually believe that this is one of those written fantasies? It would seem that the other bystanders can sense the gravity of that declaration and have either gone outside or distanced themselves.

I looked at my companions’ reactions. Fianna seemed to be surprised at what she was hearing. As if she was not sure if she were to take it seriously or not. She looked at me as if looking for an answer. However, when she saw the expression on my face, she smirked a bit.

Hilde had her eyes closed and it looked like she was going to pop a vein. She kept silent but her furrowed brow would clearly show that she was getting annoyed.

Dessa was looking at me with curious eyes. She seemed to be asking ‘what is he going to do?’ or ‘how will he react?’. It was as if she was expecting the answer on my face already. Like with Fianna, it seemed that she saw the answer.

Shino just sighed and shook her head. From what happened before, when I first purchased her as a slave, she evaluates people that would go for her. Let alone buyers, but lovers? Her face showed disappointment.

When I looked at Vena, she was smiling at me. As if giving me permission, yet at the same time, telling me not to get carried away. Ah, she understands. That gives me a bit of a relief. Although this is supposedly a hero we are talking about and while the adventurer’s guild played a role in aiding them, right now, she is my wife first and foremost before an employee.

“Ugh… I feel like we’re better off running the dungeon again.” (Ruki)

When Fianna turned towards the idiot warrior boy, she was meet with a pumped up yet delusional boy that boldly showed how he was drowning in his own fantasy.

“Princess Fianna, don’t worry. I will marry you too!” (Bakahiko)

Part III

“Ah… ah…” (Bakahiko)

What could be seen was the idiot warrior boy on his hands and knees. Beads of sweat poured from his body and a pungent pool of liquid gathered under him. I… may have overdone it a bit. Oops.

Right after that declaration, I had merely focused my murderous intent at the idiot warrior boy. It wasn’t a skill nor an ability. It was simply pure killing intent. But it was probably so strong that someone had to remind me. I felt a hand grip my wrist. It was Fianna. She probably meant to tell me that it’s enough.

“Ta-kun!” (Megumi)

The idiot cleric girl (also upgraded nickname) seemed to be the first to react in the hero party. She immediately went to assist the idiot warrior boy. The other two girls had taken a stance. The ninja girl took out daggers and the archer girl was preparing her bow. However, Satoru (who is considered decent enough to be addressed by name) raised his hand to stop the two.

“Enough!” (Hilde)

At the same time, Hilde pinched my ear and pulled me down a bit. Though the members of the hero party did stop in their tracks, I think she was more intent on reprimanding me instead.

“Heroes, you may be new to this world so allow me to tell you beforehand that this is not like those stories of fantasy that you may have read. This is all real. Please keep that in mind.” (Fianna)

She let go of my wrist after then and had bowed towards me.

“Kiryuu-sama. Allow me to apologize on their behalf. They are summoned by the Empire court mages and I bear some responsibility to their actions.” (Fianna)
“Princess Fianna, I think it is unnecessary seeing as this person is at fault too.” (Hilde)
“Ah, but isn’t it normal for a man to act when faced with such words? Aren’t you glad to have such a man as your husband?” (Fianna)

Hilde was a bit flustered and decided to let go of my ear after that. She murmured to herself but I could make out a few of those words.

“Geez, what a troublesome man.” (Hilde)

Just then, from under the hero, a bright spell circle appeared and seemed to have relieved him of his condition. At first, Satoru had looked towards the idiot cleric girl but she shook her head. That kind of recovery skill though, I’ve experienced it before. It seemed to let the idiot warrior boy be able enough to stand up but the mess he made was still there. The source of that spell stepped forward.

“Heroes should not fight amongst each other, Kiryuu-san. Although I understand your feelings but you shouldn’t get carried away, especially against young ones.” (Rionna)
“My apologies, Rionna-san.” (Kiryuu)
“Since Fia-chi was willing to bear the responsibility for the new heroes, then I shall also take responsibility for Kiryuu-san’s actions. Seeing as I am serving under the Goddess Maia, it would be logical.” (Rionna)
“I see. That’s certainly a fair point.” (Fianna)
“Then we shall discuss upon your return.” (Rionna)

Somehow, I have a feeling that I don’t want to know the contents of that discussion but I felt like if I don’t, they will catch me off guard with something again. Also, I didn’t realize that they were close enough for Rionna-san to address Fianna like such. Rionna-san is fairly connected with a lot of people, huh? That’s a former adventurer for you, I guess.

“Wait a minute! What just happened!” (Satoru)
“Ugh…” (Bakahiko)

Of course, let’s not forget the actual cause of the incident. Although the idiot warrior boy suffered the full brunt of it, in a sense. The other party members probably have no idea what happened but the more experienced seemed to be able to tell what had occurred. No, there was one member that could tell what it was.

“I couldn’t detect any spell or skill being used. There were no hidden weapons either so it was most likely killing intent.” (Saki)

Clever girl.

“It is as you say. Forgive me, but declaring the intention of marrying women in front of their husband was a tad bit unforgivable. I couldn’t help myself.” (Kiryuu)
“I see. This really is another world, huh…” (Saki)
“Still… I’m the hero so—” (Bakahiko)
“Oh shut it, will you? You’ve gotten us into a lot trouble as it is!” (Satoru)
“He’s right. We shouldn’t treat it as a fantasy story or a game. This is real life.” (Saki)
“Ugh…” (Bakahiko)

Somehow, that ninja girl’s words hit me as well. I did treat this as some fantasy story. In fact, I inserted myself into this world. Damn it, now I feel a bit bad. Had I been their age, would I had acted the same? No, I had intended to do so. Only recently did I really decide not to treat this world lightly.

Still, for killing intent to be that strong. I wonder how used he is to killing. Also, that woman… (Saki)

Saki’s eyes had met with Shino’s. Was it because they held a similar profession? I know that Shino was an assassin and that may coincide a bit with the ninja girl—no, with Saki. Although they really look similar.

“I would have to cut this meeting short. We still have business in the dungeon.” (Kiryuu)
“That’s…” (Satoru)
“Let us talk after it. And perhaps put this foolish incident behind us, hm?” (Kiryuu)
“Hah… I suppose so.” (Satoru)
“Then, if you’ll excuse us.” (Kiryuu)

After bowing, we headed out. We made sure not to step on that pungent puddle though. Fianna and Dessa seemed to be in high spirits. Hilde still had some business at the dungeon so she was accompanied by Raful. I still can’t believe that guy is a priest. Though I do think his secondary specialty was close combat so it would be safe to say he’s sort of a monk. Sort of because he prefers to wear those garbs and is actually very talented with holy spells. He says that melee combat would be his last resort.

Part IV

“Ugh… I can’t believe I lost.” (Bakahiko)
“Lost? I don’t even consider that a match.” (Satoru)
“Sa-kun, isn’t that a bit harsh?” (Megumi)
“In all honesty, I think we got off rather easy.” (Satoru)
“I agree. For someone who can exude that strong of murderous intent, it’s obvious that he’s way more experienced than us.” (Saki)
“Are you saying that he has killed before?” (Miki)
“Most likely. In fact, if we weren’t heroes… well…” (Saki)

“If you weren’t heroes, you might have been killed on the spot or left barely alive.” (???)

A winged woman would approach their table and bow her head.

“Greetings, summoned heroes. I am Myrina, envoy of the Goddess Maia.” (Myrina)
“If I recall, the Goddess Maia is the one that Kiryuu-san represents, right?” (Satoru)
“Indeed. I have witnessed his skills on the battlefield and he is truly a terrifying force. No, beyond that, it sends chills down the spine even of the likes of myself.” (Myrina)
“How come? (Saki)
“Because even while he fought against the demon lord, it was as if he was toying with her.” (Myrina)

In fact, when one of his wives were insulted, he immediately suppressed two envoys and a goddess in mere seconds. No, we were close to being killed at the time. (Myrina)

“That doesn’t sound like a hero at all. Hmph.” (Bakahiko)
“And declaring to take another person’s wives is? Just how much pride have you built up, I wonder?” (???)

Another woman had approached their table it would seem. A silver haired beauty with a garment that would look out of place in this gathering.

“I am Fel Ruic, rescued vessel of the demon lord Lucifer. Because of Kiryuu-sama, I have been freed from the clutches of the demon lords.” (Fel)
“Vessel?” (Satoru)
“Yes, the demon lords can reincarnate through vessels. As such, there are those they would kidnap in order to preserve their lives. Kiryuu-sama has freed me and I am indebted.” (Fel)
“Wait. We never heard anything about vessels.” (Miki)
“That is because it was only recently discovered.” (Fel)
“By Kiryuu-san?” (Satoru)
“Yes.” (Fel)
“Even the priestess of the Goddess Maia has confirmed this to be true.” (Myrina)
“What does that have to do with my pride?” (Bakahiko)
“I have but a fragment of demon lord Lucifer’s abilities but all of her memories. I can tell by now, that pride of yours will be your downfall. But I couldn’t help but wonder if it is truly pride or maybe senseless delusion.” (Fel)
“W-what did you say?!” (Bakahiko)

The boy deemed Bakahiko stood up but bith that, Fel simply turned around and parted with the hero party, as does Myrina. However, Fel believed that she should least give them some survival tips.

“Just so you know, Kiryuu-sama seems like a person that would take on even the gods just for those he cares for. Do you have that kind of resolve, I wonder?” (Fel)

After that, they left the hero party to their own devices.

“That was quite nice of you, demon lord.” (Myrina)
“You know as well as I what would happen, envoy.” (Fel)
“Indeed.” (Myrina)
“I pity the fool who would dare incur his wrath.” (Fel)

Chapter 27 | Table of Contents | Chapter 29

Chapter 27

Part I

“That’s unusual.”
“Is it really?”
“Of course. Back in the day, a certain rash individual that would rush straight in at every opportunity.”
“Sometimes that individual would jeopardize missions that require teamwork and coordination.”
“Yet, your eyes immediately went over to him instead of me. Do you trust your master that much?”
“Yes. I want to be someone worthy of walking alongside him.”
“You’ve grown, Shino-chi.”

With that, old acquaintances reminisced their past. On the other hand, on another corner of the room, a demon lord and a goddess’ envoy were both being pressed by another demon lord with a thirst for knowledge. Things were a bit less pleasant and a bit more awkward. The contents of their ‘discussion’ were made known to me after the discussion with regards to my troublesome title.

As it turns out, Rionna-san was given an oracle by way of a dreamlike method by the Goddess Maia this morning. She made sure to mention specifically that Maia seemed to be different today and she seemed to be glowing. I felt a pinch on my right side and a solid elbow on my left.


Hilde is occupying my left side. After I’ve comforted her and we had a bit of a talk about her past, she’s gotten a bit more affectionate. Although, it wasn’t like she completely changed. No, she had been holding back because of her responsibilities and I really was a troublesome fellow. My apologies.

Still, I was hoping that she was going to join up our party but unfortunately, it might take a bit more time before that would happen. Raful was called in after a while and when I had thought that Raful already seemed more like the guild master anyway, I got glared at by Hilde.

Honestly, woman, your intuition is scary. But I love you all the same.

That aside, it was explained that given this generation of heroes, there seemed to be some rivalry between some of the sisters. Hence, there was nothing to worry about my title as being the complete enemy of the goddesses.

However, when it came to explaining the source of said title, Maia (I’ve gotten used to calling her by name since I kept whispering it in her ear last time anyway) seemed to have conveyed that our first meeting had a bit of friction but it was already resolved. Though she and I have resolved that issue, it would seem that either some of the other goddesses and/or their attendants may hold some form of hostility towards me. Although as to who it might possibly was not disclosed as she was quite exhausted and wanted to take the day off.

Honestly, I think I got elbowed around four times already.

Anyway, it was still a bit of an issue so it was decided that I were to keep said title a secret. Though, I was soon pressed with as to how I was able to hide titles completely. I did show them before that I was able to hide my level, stats and skills to a certain degree but they did not expect it to apply to titles as well.

When I said something about getting to trust everyone a bit more, all the while looking at Hilde, it warranted a blush and a punch to the arm. Honestly, that was worth it, even though my arm and her cheeks were of the same shade of red. I realized that when she was defending me against that trash luggage noble, it was her own way of showing her affection. It also showed a bit of her admiration of heroes which she was unable to keep in check at the time. It was true that I achieved amazing feats—reckless yes, but amazing. That sounded like a line from a book somewhere. Oh well.

Still, healing and regenerative capabilities are a truly blessing.

Part II

The next day, we were preparing to head back into the dungeon. The other parties that were with us during that time were also present. It was with regards to the rewards of the dungeon. Since the premise was that Dessa was the vessel of the demon lord Asmodeus that I rescued, they understood why it was supposedly a secret. They found it credible as it was supported by both Myrina and Rionna-san, who were both greatly acquainted with Maia.

As such, the parties were gathered beforehand at the adventurer’s guild. Although we had plenty of time getting acquainted with each other during the dungeon run, it was the first time we were having a meal together that wasn’t from camping out. For some reason, Iris was looking at Myrina with eyes of adoration. I would have thought that they were of the same race and was about to ask when Dessa had contacted me mentally and said that they were different. It was because envoys and vessels were created by the goddesses themselves so they were on a completely different level.

Also, they might represent various other races depending on the preference of said goddess. In the same way, they can be thought of like familiars or servants of demon lords. I was thinking that it meant that Myrina would be below Dessa or Fel but I was corrected in that the power of a goddess greatly exceeds that of a demon lord.

That said, she shot me a wink and smiled as she said that she was completely impressed at how I was able to subdue even the goddess herself. Ah. Oops. Busted. She probably read the memories of the other two.

Anyway, it seems I’ve been neglecting her a bit so I guess I’ll give her some attention later as well. Since we’re going to her dungeon anyway, there’s something I wanted to discuss when we’re alone, ‘that’ aside.

While we were eating, a commotion seems to have started to stir outside. Given at how trouble would come to find me. I suddenly felt a foreboding sense of it. Also, both Hilde and Vena felt it as they both heaved an exasperated sigh. It certainly does feel like trouble will come bursting through the door at any given moment. Thankfully, nothing happened while we were eating.

It was while after that we were at the lobby when it occurred, in the form of a group of adventurers making a grand entrance. A party of five people, two boys and three girls. Should I aptly mention that they seem quite young? I mean, I’m immortal but I look around nineteen years of age usually but these people look more around fifteen to seventeen years of age.

At first, I thought they were young aspiring adventurers. Their leader was a proud looking young man with a fiery short red hair that spiked up a bit and eyes that had the same spark. He had a huge sword on his back and had a gait of the proud fighter on the front lines. He was probably around just five or so feet tall. Actually, they all were around the same height, more or less.

One beside him donned a plain looking robe. Black unkempt hair, drowsy eyes. He carried with him a book and I assumed that he was a the magician of the team. He would occasionally sigh and shook his head. I have a feeling that this person is the more collected and wiser of the team.

As for remaining three girls, the first one just behind the warrior kid has some sort of white garb with gold trimmings. She a one piece dress with a tiered skirt. She had with her a staff with some sort of symbol at the end. I can only assume she’s the support of the team. She seemed to cling close to the warrior kid. She also had black hair like the mage boy, except of course, hers was longer and reached up to her back. Wait, they all had black hair. Actually, I subtly squinted to get a bit more detail and have come to the conclusion that warrior kid dyed his hair. Yep. I can see some of the hair near the roots as black.

The other one beside the girl almost had no presence, actually. If anything, the others might just stand out quite well or just that she blends well into the surroundings. Or she’s doing it on purpose. From her attire and the mask that covers the lower half of her face, she’s probably the ninja or thief of the team. She also had her hair in a ponytail. Huh, she kind of looks like a very young Shino. I wonder how cute Shino was when she was still young.

The one behind them had a longbow on her back. With black hair that reached up to her shoulders in a sidetail, and eyes that paid more attention to the surroundings than anything else. If this was a game, she would be the ranged DPS probably. Or the scout, but there’s the ninja girl. Or maybe she specialized in just archery? Well, I wouldn’t know. I’m just inferring a bit from here.

“Rejoice! We, the heroes, have arrived!”

Ah. What?

Part III

The lobby was silent for a bit. One might think they were stunned but it wasn’t actually the case. Certainly it was true that this was the new generation of heroes chosen by the goddesses. It was also true that a hero’s appearance is something to be excited about. One might assume that it was because of such a childish remark that people found the whole thing absurd. The mage boy seemed to be shaking his head. It was probably from embarrassment of their party leader. The cleric girl’s eyes were shining. She was probably thinking warrior kid was being so cool just now.

Heroes, huh? Wait, these are the people I’m supposed to be acquainted with? Somehow, my head started to hurt. I feel old.

The real reason why these people aren’t reacting much is probably because this is pretty much the place where I started out my adventures. Of course, those with normal analysis skills would already be able to see my title. Karlann was certainly pleased with it, as his shop got more business since I had frequented it a bit.

Also, I was probably famous for other things like that time with the inn and the fact that I had to pay some costs for repair. Erm. I apologize. I should probably invest in a place for myself. Ah, that was what I wanted to talk to Dessa about.

Speaking of which, even the other parties that were with us during that dungeon run had various expressions, though none were that of awe as of yet. Ruki, the mage obsessed with firepower, was looking at the party of heroes then at me. She then seemed to ponder on something before looking at me and nodding several times as if coming to some form of conclusion. I want to know what that is but I felt like I shouldn’t.

I can see that Fianna blinked a couple of times before looking at me with apologetic eyes. That’s… not very assuring, you know. I honestly have no idea what you two are thinking about but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Hilde was sighing and shaking her head for a bit. It seemed that she was indeed on the spot with her intuition that something greatly troubling will be brought about by said commotion.

There was a bit of an awkward silence in the large lobby and the one that broke it was the mage boy.

“You idiot. Announcing something like that is just like you.”
“Eh? But aren’t people supposed to be excited about the arrival of heroes?”
“You weren’t listening at all, were you? There was also a hero here so our arrival shouldn’t have made that much of an impact.”
“Eh? When was that said?”
“When we were traveling here! Honestly… you… probably don’t even know what the hero accomplished while we were training. The news was all over the place…”

“Ah, so the hero summoning succeeded. I may have forgotten to tell you that during the dungeon run. My apologies.”

This, I heard from Fianna, who muttered at me before stepping forward and bowing her head slightly. Also, you don’t sound apologetic at all. But she was probably not apologizing to me but instead to the hero party which she completely forgot.

“Greetings, heroes. It seems that you have come as I was told. Although I did not expect for there to be… five of you. I thought the court mages were only planning to summon one.”
“Ah… hey, Satoru, who is she again?”
“You bumbling…argh, let me do the talking, Takehidiot!” (Takehiko + Idiot or also Bakahiko)

We can hear you, you know. Fianna just forced a smile on her face.

“Princess Fianna, I assume? It is a great pleasure to meet you.”
“It was also unexpected but we were all caught in the metastasis event that occurred from the hero summoning and found ourselves in front of five goddesses, each bestowing us gifts and such… that sort of thing.”
“You don’t seem too enthusiastic.”
“Please blame it on this Bakahiko. I’m exhausted.”
“Hey! I’m right here! Plus, shouldn’t you be excited? We’re heroes, you know!”

Thus, the exchange between Satoru and Bakahiko started once more. That nickname, I like it. I was also correct in assuming that this aloof person has more wits about him than the others. When our eyes met, he seemed to scrutinize me for a bit, before his eyes would widen.

“Princess Fianna, may I ask a question?”
“You already did but you may ask another.”

I chuckled a bit and got elbowed again.

“Is that person over there a hero?”

After turning towards me, Fianna gestured with a subtle motion of her head for me to introduce myself. Stepping forward, I bowed for a bit before introducing myself.

“Greetings, I am Kiryuu, the hero of Ma—the goddess Maia.”
“As I thought, your title is such. But your magic power. I can’t feel it. Rather… it isn’t there at all?”
“Ah, that’s because I have completely zero magical energy.”
“Eh?! That’s… strange…”

When I used my own analysis skills, I can see that their magical energy ratings are off the roof. Should I say it? Well, almost all of them had over nine thousand, which was definitely beyond normal. And they all seem to be around just levels fifteen to twenty, meaning their growth will most likely increase that energy rating.

“How so?”
“The goddesses that we met all gave us a high amount of magical energy to utilize this world’s mana, as they said. Because of it, we are capable of using a lot of magic and abilities.”
“They said that? I just figured they’d give us cheat-like stats.”
“Shut up, Bahakiko!”
“Ah, I am able to use such as well, except unfortunately, the resource would drain my health instead. However, I was bestowed with a higher regeneration ability so that would balance it out a bit.”
“I see… interesting.”

I can probably get along with this fellow a bit, I think. He seemed to want to ask more but the idiot warrior kid (new nickname upgrade) interrupted us with stomping his foot and clenching his fist. The ninja girl was still silent and the archer girl was now observing the other people in the lobby. Oi, cleric girl, your eyes are starting to turn into heart shapes from staring at idiot warrior boy, you know.

“It seems that we arrived here just in time. You all seem to be ready to head out.”
“That’s right, hero, we are heading for the dungeon along with Kiryuu-sama.”

Oi, when did you start using honorifics again? Is it because it’s in front of the other heroes?

“Don’t worry, princess! We will aid you in subduing the dungeon for sure!”

Ah, I have a bit of a sly grin on my face right now. Don’t look at me like that, Fianna. Go on. Tell him.

“Actually, Baka—erm, hero-sama. Kiryuu-sama has already defeated the demon lord.”

Chapter 26 | Table of Contents | Chapter 28

Chapter 26

Part I

Heroes have been part of the norm ever since a long time ago, when the first ever hero set foot on this world.

The first gods were said to be the first of the beings that were born of the world. They came to understand the nature of the world and populated it. Thus, the existence of multiple gods have always been common sense.

Animals, plants and other creatures were born of nature. They are beings that were unable to become fully sentient to the level of humanoid beings.

Thus, one can say that acts of nature in this world would differ from acts of gods.

Due to the nature of magical energy that circulated the world, the occurrence of dungeons and hordes of monsters were prevalent. At the time, each of the first gods have formed their first civilizations. However, their people have not yet grown to handle this calamity.

Thus, they joined together to summon the first ever hero.

He was a hero as written in novels, noteworthily and thankfully a good person. It has then come to pass that the inhabitants of this world were those that either had the blood of nature, the blood of the gods, the blood of the hero, or perhaps a mix.

Just like the first gods, there are many gods that followed. However, not all gods have been benevolent. As if the world wished for balance, the counterpart to good came. A god is the point where one reaches their pinnacle. So it was not uncommon for gods to be born and for gods to die. Such is the history of this world.

Ever since she was young, Hilde always admired the stories of the heroes. The first hero was certainly a legendary figure. But there were those people that also became legends. Those are the people that were able to awaken to the blood residing inside them.

They were only a select few, not counting more than ten would awaken per generation. She hoped that she too, would awaken. She had an older brother anyway and their parents relied on him to continue the bloodline. Thankfully, they had given her an option if she wished to be married off to another noble or become an adventurer. Although they did voice that they prefer for her to pick the former, they nevertheless gave her the blessing to go on her own journey.

Despite her training to be an adventurer, she was unable to rise to become a hero. But that didn’t stop her. There have always been people that would suitably become a hero’s companions.

Even if she were not to become a hero, she would not allow such circumstances to deter her desire for adventure. After all, she would have a chance to witness a hero’s exploits firsthand!

But even that would lead to a slippery slope. As if there were unknown forces working against her.

In this generation of heroes, she became the companion of a hero. However, before they could even venture their first dungeon, the supposed hero tried to force himself upon her, claiming that she was ‘his heroine’. While that might cause some young hearts to flutter, it did not help at all that she was not the only one. Sure, there was polygamy, but she felt more like she was a harem piece than an actual person.

When she declined, he overpowered her and had her pinned down. It was at that moment that another one of the otherworlders, another hero, intervened. In fact, it was a heroine that had saved her. She then received an ornate dagger and she was told that she should always keep a blade close so she can protect herself.

She was thankful, for the end of that story was the heroine that saved her, despite being the weakest, rose to become a legend. Hilde would certainly trust that woman with her life. The hero that she had first sought as a companion had apparently betrayed them and had worked with the Great Demon Overlord. Only that heroine survived and great demon overlord and the traitor hero was defeated.

She then vowed to forge her own path, placing her skills to good use and rising up the ranks of adventurers. While she excelled in stealth, subterfuge and subtlety, in normal combat, she was among the best fighters of the kingdom.

She also became wary of men because of that incident.

Part II

It was normal for young men to try and be adventurers at a young age. It was probably a matter of pride. Although the chances were slim, many hoped to be chosen and awaken as heroes and rise as legends. As such, even after becoming a high ranking adventurer, many still sought to strive forward. That in itself was not such a bad thing. However, there are those who think of themselves above others that they started to get too full of themselves.

So she started doing some pranks to new applicants. Whenever someone new would come near the vicinity of the adventurer’s guild, she would size them up. She would also perform some pranks in the guise of a test. Though often it really was a test.

Sometimes she would pick their pockets. When they would, guards would usually refer them to the guild and she would introduce herself as the guild master performing a test and return what she stole. Most people ended up embarrassed or humbled. Others would be annoyed but there was nothing they could do about it anyway.

To those that fail to notice, well, she mentally gave them bad marks. Though the reaction to the reveal would vary. Still, she found it as a nice way of sizing people up on how they would react to this small crisis. She took into account their reaction and their actions before and after the reveal.

Also, she found it fun to mess with people.

If this was a battlefield, then she had never lost—until she came across that person.

At first glance, she could tell that he was not from around here. However, there was a certain aura about him. Her first guess was that he was an enemy to womankind. There was some charm to him, she thought. She then inferred that this person was a lady killer.

And it reminded her of that incident.

As such, she proceeded to do her ‘test’ although she was slightly biased and already mentally gave him low marks for some reason. She looked forward to humiliating him and maybe even discourage him from being an adventurer.


That’s… impossible. Not only was she unable to steal from him. He seemed to have a countermeasure for her actions. Hilde managed not to stumble forward and instead delivered a kick to their face. Even without a blade, she knows fully well that her body can be a weapon. But even that was avoided.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

This man charged at her and made her lose her footing. Although she braced for a follow-up attack, the man instead started a commotion. Ugh. She should avoid getting exposed at this point. Although there were some that would probably know about her habit, it was best not to be discovered here.

Once she was back in her office, she immediately removed her disguise of a common thief. Nothing was missing from her person but she felt a bit perturbed. It was then that she checked her item box that she realized that her dagger was stolen.

“That bastard!”

She immediately stormed out but was greeted by Vena.

“Going out again, Hilde-san?”
“Oh! Ah, Vena. Yeah, there was something I forgot.”

‘Umu. Vena is such a sweet child. Although she is way older than me, she’s just too precious. I will protect her from those hounds at all costs.’

Vena was certainly one of the most popular employees in the guild. It was no surprise that there are men that would try going for her. However, Hilde would always make sure that such a thing would not come to pass. Of course, if Vena herself would chose a man, then she has no right to infringe upon that choice. But she would certainly make sure that the man was decent enough.

At the time, she never thought that the man she would mark so low would be the one that would capture Vena’s heart. And hers as well.

Part III

How did she fall for such a troublesome man?

Their first meeting (which was actually the second) went so badly that it couldn’t have gotten worse. Actually, it just did when Raful had then placed him as her temporary roommate. That night, she could sense something in his words. It was true that she held that dagger dear to her. It was also most likely that she would kill to get it back. However, that time was mostly her fault (he stole the dagger anyway) and her plan backfiring. And he did return the dagger so… maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

The next morning, it escaped her that he was there and he got a full view of her in her underwear. He even gave her a top score! What the hell was that?!

That’s when it started. This strange man would have all these peculiarities about him. Peculiarities that were the makings of a storybook protagonist. Achievements piled on top of one another. But it was certainly certain that he brought trouble whenever he went.

At first it was about his information. The platforms were not working at all properly. Then came the time when he had purchased a slave. Of all the slaves in the world that he would have to chose, it had to be that woman. It would certainly stir things up. In fact, she had completely no trust in that woman.

However, that woman seemed to be genuinely subservient to him. Just what was it that he did that made it so? She soon learned from Vena about the details. While she was impressed, she couldn’t help but feel a bit more troubled. That man was getting quite close to Vena, after all. Why would he even go for a female slave if his goal was to help him level up?

Of course, she would always keep an eye out whenever the two would interact. Hilde’s main concern was the adorable elf. But even then, she could see Vena smiling. Hilde saw a maiden in love in Vena then.

Such a troublesome fellow he is.

Even at that time when she had seen him accidentally proposing to Vena, the events that followed certainly caught her by surprise. She started to think that he gathered so much trouble that she had to look after him.

And look after him she did.

Especially during that time with Dessa, who was really the demon lord Asmodeus seeking refuge (which was a scheme that was foiled by the same man), it was her concern about him that made her visit the shop in person.

She was welcomed with such a perverted scene that she felt so frustrated. He thought that he was such a lech and she ended up not realizing the tinge of envy in her chest. Though, that jealous feeling was blown away when they had accidentally taken each others lips.

He was truly a troublesome man. And yet he revived within her that drive when she was a young girl. The age of awakening would vary but she started to care little for that. If only she had none of the duties of a guild master then maybe she could accompany this new hero on his adventures. Those accomplishments, those feats, she wanted to see them firsthand.

How troublesome indeed.

And now, that troublesome man had a terrible title that certainly brought more trouble than she could imagine. The room fell silent. At first it was because of said title. But soon, there was the sound of the door being shut and locked.


The priestess, the one that served the eldest of the current goddesses, came upon such a sight. Such a title was normally obtained by demon lords and evil gods. So if she were to know then…

She felt a pang of pain through her chest. She couldn’t imagine the thought of losing either of them. She couldn’t not help but feel so much guilt that she deluded herself into thinking that she was betraying one for the other. That weight tugged brutally on her heart.

Hilde clenched her fists tightly. It was at that time that she steeled herself and decided between the woman that saved her life and the man that gave it back.

Part IV

Everyone fell silent when Rionna-san entered the room. Of course, I did not realize the gravity of the situation. Everyone froze. Their faces were filled with suspense and concern. Upon locking the door, Rionna-san spoke, but not to me, to Hilde.

“Hilde-chi, I’m a friend. Would you please relax?”

At that time, I noticed a powerful killing intent from Hilde. But it dissipated soon as she raised both  her clenched fists up and opened her hand.

Thud. Thud.

Two daggers fell onto the floor and stabbed against the wooden tiles.


Hilde looked away and turned her hands around, revealing throwing knives held between her fingers. I must admit. That was extremely impressive. She loosened her grip and let fall the blades. She looked down and started to sniffle.

I looked at Vena and she nodded and smiled at me, urging me on. I turned towards Rionna-san who seemed to have a relieved look on her face. She motioned with her hands for me to go on.

I went to her with haste. Though she hung her head down, I could hear her sniffles. The tears that would stream down her cheeks were not easy to miss either. I went in front of her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She tensed up slightly but did not look up. Instead, she frantically tried wiping her tears with her palms. I held her wrists gently to stop her.

“It’s okay. You can let it out.”

I told her and leaned my head on hers. I let go of her wrists and pulled her to my chest. It was then I felt her tremble in my arms and her strength leaving her. Then she started to cry.

“You stupid… troublesome… husband… always making me… worry…”

She managed to say those words in between her cries. All the while, she was beating on my chest. But I continued to hold her anyway. I believed that it was for the best that she let these feelings out. I thought that it must have been the stress that caused it but the way she had pulled out those weapons made me think otherwise. If anything, I would expect that the first to act upon hostility would be Shino.

I had a guess that something had occurred between Hilde and Rionna-san. I will just have to ask her to explain when she has calmed down. In the meantime, I’ll indulge this hardworking wife of mine.

Forgive this troublesome husband of yours. And take care of me in the future as well.

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